About Us

Welcome to 3J Crystal Crafts - the heart-warming tale of a family business born out of passion and dedication. Kim and Brian, the dynamic duo behind the brand, have been delighting customers with their exquisite crystal jewelry creations since February 2023.

While searching for personal, handmade gifts for her customers in her previous venture, Kim discovered the fascinating world of crystals. As she delved deeper into their natural beauty and the stories of their benefits, she was moved to start crafting unique, handmade bracelets. The elegance and charm of her designs quickly caught the eyes of her husband Brian's colleagues and family members, who couldn’t resist asking where these unique pieces came from. The bracelets also caught the attention of Kim's customers who started inquiring if they were available for purchase.

Kim discovered a sense of tranquility and relaxation in the jewelry making process, transforming it from a stress-relieving hobby into a business venture. By April 2023, 3J Crystal Crafts had set up a stall at the All State Arena in Rosemont, IL, where their pieces were warmly received by a wide array of customers, prompting the creation of a dedicated website for the business.

In this journey, Kim is accompanied by her supportive husband Brian, who not only brings their creations to life through his excellent photography and video skills, but also accompanies her at the Sunday flea markets. This beautiful venture has thus turned into a family affair, involving their three children - Jennifer, Jeremy, and Jericho - the inspirations behind the name "3J Crystal Crafts".

Based out of Franklin Park, IL, Kim and Brian, who immigrated from the Philippines, have built a family and a flourishing business that is deeply embedded in their local community. Having lived in the United States since they were 11 and 20 respectively, they have built a life and a business that not only celebrates their personal journey, but also adds a touch of sparkle to the lives of their customers.

At 3J Crystal Crafts, our vision is to provide not just a piece of jewelry, but a token of love and tranquility that you can cherish. Join us in our journey, and let's add a dash of sparkle to your life!