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African Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet - Harmony

African Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet - Harmony

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African Bloodstone is a dark green gemstone with red or brownish spots resembling drops of blood, which give it its distinctive name. This stone is believed to possess various healing properties, both physical and emotional.

Physically, African Bloodstone is associated with promoting vitality and strength, supporting the circulatory system, and improving blood circulation. It is believed to aid in detoxification and boosting the immune system, making it beneficial for overall health and well-being.

Emotionally, African Bloodstone is thought to be a grounding and protective stone, helping to dispel negative energies and enhance courage and resilience. It is often used for emotional healing, promoting inner strength and harmony. Some also believe it can aid in reducing stress, calming the mind, and fostering a sense of balance and tranquility.

*Keep in mind that these properties are based on traditional beliefs and should not replace professional medical advice.

*Stretch string
*8mm beads

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