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Sodalite Crystal Bracelet - Stone of Communication

Sodalite Crystal Bracelet - Stone of Communication

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Sodalite is believed to possess various healing properties, both physically and emotionally. It is often considered a stone of communication, promoting clear and effective expression while enhancing understanding and intuition. Sodalite is thought to stimulate the mind, encouraging rational thinking and logical decision-making.

Emotionally, sodalite is associated with bringing a sense of calm and inner peace. It may help in reducing feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear, while promoting self-acceptance and self-confidence. Sodalite is also believed to enhance creativity and inspiration, making it a valuable stone for artists and writers.

Physically, sodalite is thought to support the immune system, boost metabolism, and improve digestive health. Some also believe it aids in balancing the thyroid gland and can be beneficial for the throat and vocal cords.

*Keep in mind that these properties are based on traditional beliefs and should not replace professional medical advice.

*Stretch string
*8mm beads

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